• Breakwater

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    For me, the future of craft is tied to sustainability and the traceability of the piece as a whole.
    ''Breakwater'' has been made using all natural fibres, including locally sourced alpaca and Romney wool that have been hand-spun for weft yarns. The irregularities of the hand-spun weft yarns also add visually to the finished fabric, giving a depth of texture and movement to the woven pattern. A wide variety of yarns have been used in the weft to blend colours and create a tactile interior piece.
    Each panel in the new collection is unique, woven using a complex double cloth pattern on the studio loom over the course of a six month period. Blending heritage techniques with modern technology allows me to create pieces which have a timeless feel with a contemporary twist. I try to create designs which are more organic and flowing than most traditional fabrics, patterns within patterns which blend colours, sha