Hand Spun Yarn

Hand Spun Yarn

Hand spun then carded in the Arra Textiles Studio using a variety of hand dyed fibres to create bespoke colourways.


Most colourways have been made using a standard set of fibre shades, but as each has been blended by hand, they will all vary slightly to produce truly unique yarns. The merino fibres are beautifully soft and the silk adds a rich lustre blended through the batts, most yarns are single ply yarns which vary from thick to thin.


Perfect for weft yarns in weaving, knitting and crochet.


Check below for more information on each colourway and choose a yarn shade from the drop down menu to see the corosponding images.


Magic: A blend of locally souced alpaca fleece and hand dyed merino fibres.

2 ply yarn - 50g


Coast: A kaleidoscope of blues created using a blend of merino, silk and Corriedale fibres.

Single ply - 50g


Forest: Darker shades of greens, blacks and grey Merino fibres with Silk. Single ply - 50g


Ice: Shades of cool aqua and white Merino fibres with Silk.

Single ply - 50g


Rainbow: A colourful blend of dyed and white Merino firbres with Silk.

Single ply - 50g


Summer Skies: Bright blue and white Merino fibres with Silk.

Single ply - 50g


Gotland: A robust yarn in dark greys.

2 ply yarn - 45g


North Ronaldsay: Sourced from the Orkney Isles, a durable 2 ply yarn- 42g


Storm Clouds: A blend of merino, blue faced Leicester, silk and locally sourced alpaca fibres hand dyed in greys and darker lilacs.

Single ply, 38g


Sunset: Locally sourced alpaca, Wensleydale, Shetland and silk blending to create a bright yarn with earthy undertones.

Single ply - 28g


Deep: A tweedy effect of blues, greys and dark aquas has been created by blending Shetland, Blue Faced Leicester, North Ronaldsay and silk fibres together.

Single ply - 27g


Confetti: White Merino fibres blended with a colourful mix of hand dyed Shetland.

Single ply - 25g


Tomato: Locally sourced alpaca blended with merino, hand dyed to a soft pink/red.

Single ply yarn - 25g


Sea Foam: Locally sourced alpaca fleece hand dyed in blues and aquas then spun in a buclé style around cream silk - 11g


Meadow: Spun using hand dyed fleece in colourful shades, sourced on North Ronalsay in the Orkney isles.

2 ply yarn - 11g

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