Ripple Blanket Wrap

Ripple Blanket Wrap

Generously sized and gorgeously soft, the Ripple Blanket Wrap is unique within the collection.


I try to create designs which are more organic and flowing than most traditional fabrics, patterns within patterns which blend colours, shape and tell a story of the sea.


The Ripple Blanket Wrap was designed and handwoven in the studio using all natural yarns including a beautiful alpaca merino blend as the main body of the weft along with a gradient of merino shades in the warp. The irregularities of the weft yarns add visually to the finished fabric, giving a depth of texture and movement to the complex woven pattern. Once finished, the fabric was brushed by hand to soften the fibres.


Blending heritage techniques with modern technology allows me to create pieces which have a timeless feel with a contemporary twist.


Materials:- Merino wool warp- Alpaca/merino wool blend weft yarn


55cm x 276cm

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