“Undercurrent” Wall Art

Handwoven in the studio using neutural shades of British wool, the Wall Art collection is new this Winter.
Each colour shade has been produced by blending various shades of fleece together at the mill in Yorkshire before arriving at the studio in large kilo cones. I wound each warp end onto the loom back beam by hand, following my unique colour pattern, before threading the complex design through the shafts. I create each design in the studio through sketching and sampling before settling on a final plan.
The new Wall Art pieces take inspiration from my Ripple Throws and cushions, with a similar flowing, organic feel. This piece is a unique statement for any home. The neutral shades of wool add warmth and interest to a room with the "Undercurrent" pattern seeming to change as you look more closely. The larger images are made up of hundereds of tiny woven structures which combine to create a tuely unique design.
Can be hung by the dowel and string provided or if you have two small hangers balanced to create a floating effect.
Handwoven in the studio
100% British Wool
140cm  x 200cm approximately
    29A North Deeside Road,
    Kincardine O'Neil, Aboyne,
    Aberdeenshire, AB34 5AA
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