Muted tones with deep blue hues inspired by hazy summer evenings by the sea create a design unique to the Arra Textiles studio. British sourced merino wool gives the Wave scarf  luxuriously soft feel with the added bonus of long lasting durability and lightweight warmth. The distinctive Wave pattern was the first pattern designed for Arra Textiles and has been created using traditional weaving techniques with a complex, contemporary twist. This attention to detail and the craftsmanship of each piece allows it to be instantly recognisable as an Arra Textiles design. Each bepoke Scarf is handmade from start to finish, with the fabric woven over the course of three months in the studio and the fringing hand twisted four threads at a time. It is then washed, finished by hand, pressed and labelled. The Wave Scarf can be worn simply around the neck with minimal arrangement and is also long enough to be looped around the neck on colder days.100% Merino Wool 176cm x 40cm