Arra Textiles - working at the loom - Photo taken by Aboyne Photographics.jpg

Handwoven Textile Designer Based in Scotland

After studying for a degree in Design for Textiles at university in both Scotland and then Finland I launched Arra Textiles in 2016 at New Designers One Year On. My designs have gone on to become known for colour, complex woven design and a connection to place.

With inspiration drawn from ever changing seascapes and landscapes, each piece I create begins in my rural studio on Royal Deeside, from initial design concepts through to hand finished fabrics. I work with all natural fibres as sustainability and traceability are both important to me and have become strong themes found throughout my work. 

I create colourful, exciting and functional designs which encourage the audience to question the making process and prompt them to want to explore the craft techniques involved by investigating the relationship between the physical craft making process and finished piece.  


Over the past 18 months I have decided to focus my practice on developing large scale, ambitiously intricate projects and commissions helping to push myself to create handwoven work which bends more towards bespoke installations than my previous designs.


Collaborating with Bristol Weaving Mill has helped me to design and produce a range of affordable, accessible interiors without losing the unique design signature which Arra Textiles has become known for. Find the new Artisan Interiors Collection in the online shop.


The environmental impact of each stage of design, production, marketing and aftercare is considered in both ranges and I strive to use natural, traceable materials which reflect this ethos. With my zero-waste production policy, emphasis on heritage techniques and considered narrative, I can be sure that my work will become timeless heirlooms, with craftsmanship, sustainability and identity at the heart of each design.

I take commissions of all sizes throughout the year, contact me to discuss your project.