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Wool Yarns

Bespoke Commissions

Commissioning a bespoke piece can feel like a huge step up from ordering a pre-existing design but it's really not as complicated or stressful than it might sound. A commission can be as simple as a variation of an existing design, perhaps with colours which better suit your home or materials you've sourced yourself. I'm also always happy to talk through commissions which are slightly more off the wall or ambitious, nothing is too out there! Below, are a few examples of commissioned designs I've made over the past few years ranging from huge wall hangings to unique hats.


If you would like to find out more about commissioning a special design of your own, please do get in touch by using the contact form or emailing I'm happy to work via video call and email or through studio visits, whichever option works best for you!



Bespoke 'MacDonald' Tartan Wedding Wrap

This was a very special piece created for a destination wedding in the Rocky Mountains, Canada. The design was based on the kilt fabric which was a MacDonald ancient tartan in medium weight. The colours and repeat were matched based on a small fabric sample.


Cotton and Merino Wool

50cm x 210cm

Rocky Mountains, Canada


Alpaca Hat

This one off design was created to match the clients existing scarf from the Spindrift Collection. The yarn was hand dyed before being woven and sewn into a cosy winter hat for her trip to Norway.


Hand Dyed Baby Alpaca 




Silk Runner

Client asked for a table runner which had a light and airy feel to it. It also needed to fit in with the existing, rustic interior of the stable conversion.


Hand dyed silk warp and weft yarns

385cm x 40cm

Kilkenny, Ireland


Coat Fabric

A very specific brief for fabric to become a coat collection. The fabric needed to include a tartan style repeat in African inspired colours matched to the clients swatch samples and had to have geometric shapes included but not be too overpowering.

Merino Wool

1.5m x 6m




Teal Wall Hanging

This wall hanging was a special commission made to commemorate a turning point in the clients life. The shades of teal were chosen through a series of studio and home visits to match clients existing interior. The wall hanging was to hang simply and able to move gently when the windows were open.


Cotton and Merino Wool

92cm x 152cm

Aberdeenshire, Scotland

spain wall hanging.jpg


Petal Cushions

Based on the Falling Petal Collection, these cushions were hand woven in shades of berry and heather to match the clients existing interiors. The consultation was done remotely with colour swatches and samples sent via post from Scotland to the Isle Of Man 

Cotton and Merino Wool

45cm x 45cm

Isle Of Man



Echoes Of Iridescent Refraction

The colours for this striking wall hanging were based on the setting of stairwell, between windows with views of the sea on one side and the forest through the other. The design was intended to bridge the colour change from green to blue with three separately coloured warps and incorporated weft shades of clementine and purple chosen by the client. The three panel design was also chosen for its sound dampening effects within the building. 


Cotton and Merino Wool

3.6m x 2.25m


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