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Collect Open: Plant Dyed Yarn

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

The full collection of yarn I created for my Seasons Of The Sea tapestry project for Collect Art Fair later this month!

This was a monster project but I was so pleased to have the yarn finished and finally be ready to start thinking about weaving.

By limiting myself to this colour pallet of naturally created shades I hoped that my woven designs would have a similar softness to them.

My favourite colours were the aquas created by dyeing yarn with rose petals then dipping it in the indigo vat but some of the natural shades of hand spun ryeland fleece were a close second.

Let me know what your favourite shades are!


Over dyeing yarn was another process than I had good fun exploring.

The first image shows wool dyed with a combination of rose petals on their own, rose petals with added iron water, roses petal dye then dipped in the indigo vat and the indigo vat only. This gave me a wide variety of shades to weave with including many shades of blue, green and turquoise, perfect for weaving the sea!

Nettles with iron water gave me shades of grey and dark green depending on the strength of the iron water. Leaves picked in the spring gave brighter grey greens whilst the leaves from the autumn were more muted shades.

Eucalyptus gave me sandy browns and tans. Over dyed with indigo they became soft grey greens.

Rose petals on their own were beautiful shades of yellow, the pink roses stronger yellows than the orange roses.

I find the variety of colours which can be produced from plants on my doorstep to be endlessly fascinating and don’t think I’ll ever get tired of trying new combinations!


The link to my KoFi fundraising page is if you’d like to help me get to Collect Open 2022!

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