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Inches Carr Craft Bursary: Established Maker Award

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

A wonderful surprise over the winter, winning the Inches Carr Craft Bursary: Established Maker, means an exciting change in location for a few months!

The Inches Carr Awards

The Inches Carr Trust was created following the deaths of Deirdre Inches and Malcolm Carr in 1995. The trust was founded to create a legacy in their memory reflecting their interests in music and the decorative arts.

The awards recognise the talent of emerging and established Scotland-based makers and assist in the development of their craft practice.

With a prestigious history spanning 25 years, the Inches Carr Awards have supported the careers of makers such as Malcolm Appleby, Deirdre Nelson, Grainne Morton, and James Rigler, as well as providing opportunities to many makers early in their development.

The 2022 award consists of two categories:

  • Inches Carr Craft Bursaries: Established Maker

  • Inches Carr Craft Bursaries: Emerging Maker

I was delighted to receive an Established Maker bursary which will give me the opportunity to spend time developing my practice during a three month artist residency at the Icelandic Textile Centre in Blonduos, Iceland this coming summer.

The Application Process

I applied for the Inches Carr Craft Bursary in early November 2022 as I had reached a stage in my career where I felt I needed time away to refine my existing skills and also to work on developing a new way of creating in a more social environment alongside fellow craft makers.

The process consisted of multiple stages. First I completed a written application form detailing what I hoped to achieve if I was to be awarded the bursary along with images of my existing work. In late November I was invited to attend a 30 minute online interview to talk through my application and plans in more detail. In December I found out that I had been awarded an Established Maker Bursary and it was announced by Craft Scotland on April 21st 2023.

Os Residency, Iceland

I plan to use the bursary to fund a three-month residency at the Ós Textile Residency on the banks of river Blanda, overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean in Iceland. Founded in 2005 and now merged with the Blönduós Academic Center, the Icelandic Textile Center aims to promote and develop Icelandic and international textiles. They collaborate on research projects and encourage collaboration, education, and innovation in the field of textiles, textile art and design. The residency seeks to promote an atmosphere of creativity, experimentation and reflection for artists and scholars working inside the textile field.

Residency Plans

The bursary will allow me access to specialist equipment and expert knowledge which would expand the boundaries of my current studio practice. It would allow me to build upon my current technical weaving knowledge leading me to create more ambitious pieces in the future.

The Next Few Months

This is such an exciting opportunity and I'm looking forward to May 1st when I'll be flying to Iceland with a suitcase full of wool and art supplies for two months of research and development. I'll be returning to Iceland next January for a further month of weaving on specialist looms. Follow my Icelandic adventure here through my Notes From The Weave Shed blog and on my social media pages; @arratextiles on Instagram and Facebook.

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