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The Highlands In Autumn

I recently took a trip up to Dornoch to take a few photos of my new Artisan Collection. It's absolutely beautiful at this time of year and I was lucky enough to not only miss most of the rain but to also see some stunning skies in the evenings.

I spent time at Loch Fleet taking photos of the new blankets amongst the scenery which inspired them and a few hours on the shores of Dornoch Firth with Finn the dog watching the sun set over the mountains. It's one of my favorite parts of Scotland, the area where my mum grew up and where my grandparents lived for many years. It's so peaceful and still, I can't wait to get back up there soon.

There's a few images from my trip below and I've included a short Q&A from Instagram based on the new Artisan Collection below that. If you have any questions about the new collection feel free to ask them in the comments section!

How do you care for the blankets?

I wanted this collection to be functional as well as beautiful so the blankets are all machine washable on a wool setting (30 degrees). The best thing about merino wool is that it softens as it gets used and loved so the blankets will become cosier over time.

What sizes will they be available in?

They come in two sizes;

The Travel Blanket is 155cm x 170cm, perfect for one person and packs away easily into a bag for traveling with.

The Extra Large Blanket is 170cm x 230cm and is easily large enough for two to share or to cover a king size bed.

What Inspired the colour choices for this collection?

The designs were all inspired by the natural world, long winter walks along dornoch beach for Birichen, paddling in the shallows of Dornoch firth during the summer for Evelix and Autumn trips along the shores between Embo Street and Skelbo Castle for Fleet.

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