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Evelix Blanket in Sea Holly

Evelix Blanket in Sea Holly


In shades of soft merino wool inspired by spring days in the north spent by cool shallow waters.


Each Evelix Blanket has been carefully designed with a gradient colour pattern which gradually blends light into dark. The complex woven design creates a repeat pattern visible from a distance which becomes more detailed and delicate the closer that it is viewed.


My aim with the Artisan Collection is to create a thoughtful, more accessible collection which sits comfortably alongside my existing hand woven pieces. Each new design has been named after a location near to Dornoch, the place where my grandparents lived for many years and where I have many happy memories.


Designed in the Arra Textiles Studio, woven in Bristol by a sustainable micro mill, finished in the Scottish Borders then sewn in the studio, each stage of design has been carefully considered. The Artisan Collection is a celebration of British craft, design and colour.

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