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‘Úr Lofti | From The Air’ Artwork 1.1

‘Úr Lofti | From The Air’ Artwork 1.1


My new collection of hand woven artworks ‘Úr Lofti’ | From The Air’.

Developed and woven in Iceland during my summer residency at the Textile Centre, each artwork is a hand woven snapshot of the sea from above.

Hand spun Icelandic wool weft yarns create a feeling of movement and texture, while the intricate woven structures depict the waves crashing onto the shore.

Part of my Icelandic journey, this unique, site specific capsule collection, combines technology, heritage craft skills and a connection to place.

Visit my ‘Notes From The Weave Shed’ blog to see the full making process.

Only 1 left in stock
  • Handwoven in Iceland

    Cotton warp yarn

    Hand spun/ plant dyed Icelandic wool weft yarns

    Each artwork is unique

    Box frame 27cm x 27cm x 6cm

    Framed without glass to emphasise tactile nature of the artwork

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