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Weaving Basics

Weaving Basics


‘Weaving Basics’ is a new, two day, 1:2:1 course covering everything you need to get started with your loom.

We cover techniques such as;

Note taking

Designing a warp

Making a warp

Choosing a warp yarn

Working out warp weight and length

Working out fabric sett


Sorting the shafts

Designing a threading pattern

Warping a loom

Threading a loom

Tying on a warp

Working out tension issues

Working out issues with the cross

Following a weaving pattern

With a mix of practical, hands on learning and detailed notes, you should leave the studio ready to not only start weaving straight away but also prepared with all the knowledge you need for future weaving projects.

All equipment and materials are provided but you are also more than welcome to bring your own loom along to set up so it will be ready to go once you get it home.

Dates are flexible and can be arranged to suit, contact to arrange.


  • “ I didn't know where to go trying to figure it all out, I don't feel that anymore. There are a lot of things I need to practice but I have a way forward now thanks to you. A nicer, better teacher I couldn't have, everything made more sense when you explained it.

    So a massive thank you, glad I found your course.”

    - Suzanne, Scotland.

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